The company was founded in 1964 by George Printzis and Emmanouil Printzis. For over forty-two years it is specialized in the section of manufacture and in particular in the production of bricks.

It is one of the first of the relevant industries that were founded in northern Greece and until today supplies with its products a big part of the domestic and foreign market.

The company’s founders have managed to acquire large experience in the area of production and trade of ceramic materials, as well as in the field of their application, the area of construction.

This experience and knowledge has rendered the company “Afoi D. Printzi Granitis” one of the basic suppliers of public and private constructions.    


Today, the sons of its founders, comprise the new management of the company.
With their politeness, their energy and their visions, always one step ahead from their era, they proceed dynamically, they render their company competitive and make it win in this way its share of the market and the reputation of the excellent quality of its products.